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Jersey Digs

A five-sto­ry build­ing orig­i­nal­ly pro­posed in 2015 for 61–65 Newkirk Street is about to begin con­struc­tion. The 29-unit project, which was pro­posed by Newkirk Real­ty, LLC and is being devel­oped by Man­hat­tan-based Tita­ni­um Real­ty Group and Old City Invest­ment Partners,…

El País

Las condi­ciones del mer­ca­do inmo­bil­iario de Esta­dos Unidos se están recu­peran­do, luego de la deba­cle de 2008. Los pre­cios de los alquil­eres suben a fal­ta de una may­or ofer­ta, y lenta­mente comien­zan a desar­rol­larse nuevos proyec­tos, según el uruguayo Diego Hodara,…

El Observador

Hace 12 años que el arqui­tec­to Diego Hodara vive en Esta­dos Unidos. Primero se instaló en Chica­go y luego en Nue­va York, donde hoy con su empre­sa Tita­ni­um Real­ty Group –que comen­zó con­struyen­do inte­ri­ores y casas–  desar­rol­la y con­struye edi­fi­cios en New York y New…

The Real Deal

As the local econ­o­my con­tin­ues to shake off the after­ef­fects of the pre­vi­ous reces­sion, New Jer­sey devel­op­ers have begun pour­ing mon­ey into big-tick­et projects slat­ed to put mil­lions of new square feet on the mar­ket. Nation­al retail­ers are ink­ing leas­es in new malls.…

Urban Land New York Institute

At the YLG Peer-to-Peer “Young Devel­op­ers From the Ground Up” event held on May 13, pan­elists dis­cussed their per­son­al sto­ries, moti­va­tions, chal­lenges and suc­cess­es of start­ing their own com­pa­nies as a young devel­op­er in the New York mar­ket. The event was moderated…


CAPREMEDIA is a dig­i­tal media and events com­pa­ny, was launched in June 2011. More than 15,000 senior-lev­el exec­u­tives have attend­ed and par­tic­i­pat­ed in our con­fer­ences and webi­na­rs. CAPRE spe­cial­izes in prop­er­ty-spe­cif­ic con­fer­ences, and is the orga­niz­er of The…

Jersey Digs

Next week, CAPRE is host­ing their Sev­enth Annu­al New Jer­sey Apart­ment Sum­mit. This annu­al gath­er­ing is the most thor­ough indus­try event for active mul­ti­fam­i­ly devel­op­ers, investors, debt sources, equi­ty sources, con­struc­tion exec­u­tives, bro­kers and prop­er­ty management…

Jersey Digs

Low­er Man­hat­tan-based Tita­ni­um Real­ty Group is devel­op­ing the new struc­ture in col­lab­o­ra­tion with WDe­signè of Man­hat­tan, Riv­er Dri­ve Com­pa­nies of Wyck­off, and Eli Mar­tin from LWDMR Archi­tects of Down­town Jer­sey City. Accord­ing to Diego Hodara, the founder and CEO of…


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Tita­ni­um Real­ty Group LLC, is a pri­vate­ly-held, ful­ly inte­grat­ed own­er, oper­a­tor and developer.

Tita­ni­um Real­ty Group LLC, is a pri­vate­ly-held, ful­ly inte­grat­ed own­er, oper­a­tor and developer.